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A Proven Strategy

BikiniBot provides automated trading signals from various back tested and live tested strategies and covers a wide range of crypto assets. We use specifically tuned algorithms to send our traders real time signal data to assist in their trading.

Our algorithm signals include: Specifically tuned XBT (BTC), ETH, EOS swing trading systems. Scalping systems for XBT and ETH. A swing trading system that covers 60+ altcoins. Stocks daily signals including TP’s Daily trend notifications for top Cryptocurrencies. Our system is 100% automated so you won’t miss out on any trades due to human error. The system is live and online 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

Our XBT, ETH and EOS algorithms are back tested once per year and the all-time profitability figures are available in Discord for each of these systems.

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Signal Analysis

Bikini Bot Admin are online in the Discord server as much as possible and are there to assist you in analysing trading signals.

They will NEVER give you direct trading advice or tell you what to do with your money.

They are there only to give objective analysis of incoming signals if you ask for their help.

These opinions are based on their expertise in using the system and provides no guarantee of being correct

I think I was among the first persons to join BikiniBot couple of months ago. I am not used to write reviews so it's going to be couple of words only and hope it's helpful for anyone wondering on Spongecoinbob & speechless quality of work : first of all both of them are really available (small group for now), helpful and would answer any questions we have + advices us on the different strategies (LTF,HTF,hodl,etc .) the amount of development is incredible, in barely 4 months I've seen a huge development in the signals they give (entry, exit, adding coins as we ask for). They're very open to suggestions and implement them at a huge speed, the really love what they do. Ok and now to the important points because at the end people are here to make money: the flexibility of the signals are great according to your strategies the success rate is very good (check their transparent pnl) one win trade and you cover more than the monthly fee (yes even with 200$ trades) clean and easy communications of signals. At the end I'm still here and not planning to leave :smile: ! What do you need more? Come give it a shot and you'll love it!


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