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A Proven Strategy

Bikini Bot trades several strategies that have proven themselves profitable over time.

Once certain parameters are met within each strategy, a trading signal will be sent to a Discord server for users to analyse and decide whether it is a good fit for them.

There are two types of signal; The first signal warns ahead of time that a trade might be coming up, for example; ‘XBTUSD 4-hour Golden cross. Stay tuned for potential entry’.

This signal warns ahead of time that a set up might be forming

The second signal would look something like this: ‘XBTUSD 4-hour 50MA Bull touch. Possible long position’.

This would be our long entry.

Signal Analysis

Bikini Bot Admin are online in the Discord server as much as possible and are there to assist you in analysing trading signals.

They will NEVER give you direct trading advice or tell you what to do with your money.

They are there only to give objective analysis of incoming signals if you ask for their help.

These opinions are based on their expertise in using the system and provides no guarantee of being correct

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