Bikini Bot 2019/2020 roadmap

  • PHASE 1

    Add new algorithm strategies to Bikini Bot.

    Add new long-term swing trade strategy to Bikini Bot.

  • PHASE 2

    Work on internal statistics for each strategy and publish findings

    Update profitability pages on website with each new strategy.

    Complete website pages and begin to update blog weekly.

  • PHASE 3

    Set up referral system to give back to members

    Create how to join/access Bikini Bot tutorial video for website and discord

  • PHASE 4

    Look into the possibility of automating discord trades for members

    Set up partnerships to facilitate this and workout discount offers for members

  • PHASE 5

    Recruit new analysts to publish on discord

    Look back on 2019/2020 and learn from experiences in that time

    Get prepared for 2020/2021 and write a new and updated roadmap with our new goals.